Crocodile Trip

The Cumbarjua canal near Panaji that links the Zuari and Mandovi rivers is a thriving place for mugger crocodiles. Crocodile watching in Goa is a unique experience. The carnivore is spotted in the dense mangrove of Cumbarjua. Goa being a coastal state enjoys a unique combination of nature's endowment, a diversity of its coastal habitat characterized by a variety of landforms like beaches, estuaries, islands and lagoons. Located along the Midwest coast of India, Goa is flanked by the rugged Western Ghats in the east and the vast expanse of Arabian Sea on the west. Always a popular destination for conventional resort tourist, Goa now witnesses an upsurge in eco-tourism, the mangrove related eco-tourism enterprise such as backwater cruises, bird watching and crocodile safari of Cumbarjua canal, the mangroves swamps of Chorao, one of the largest Island at the mouth of river Mandovi and also the site of Goa's only protected areas for birds, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

Dolphin Trip

Dolphins are one of the most-loved creatures of the marine world. Come and see why, on one of the many exciting Key West Dolphin Tours and adventures. These extremely intelligent and playful mammals will delight every visitor with their antics as they play and feed in the wild. Dolphin adventure depart daily and head for the beautiful back country waters of Key West. Here, Dolphin leap and play, feed and rest every day, and you can see it happen on one of the available Dolphin adventure. In Goa, dolphin tours will also include time for stretching out and relaxing, snorkeling and taking pictures. Don't forget your camera and some sunscreen, plus a towel. Since Key West guides for Dolphin adventures in Goa are environmentally aware, they prefer to take visitors to observe Dolphins in the wild. Swimming with the Dolphins is intrusive to their wild habitat, so Dolphin adventures take people to observe them in the wild. Swimming and snorkeling is done nearby, but not with the Dolphins. Dolphins will often swim within feet of the Dolphin tours boat, and it really seems they are inviting you to play with them. However, they are wild creatures and we prefer to observe only and not to intrude.

Grande Island with Snorkeling

A full Day trip to Grande Island starting at 9:00am and drop anchor. You can swim and snorkel in the clear water, viewing exquisite corals and marine life. You can spend the day sunbathing, swimming and relaxing on the beach. Includes Snacks, Softdrinks, Mineral water, Fried Rice, Traditional B.B.Q Chicken and fish. Arriving back between 3:00 to 3:30 pm.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar is one of the world's most exquisite falls that lies in India.The falls lie high up in the Mandovi River's watershed and so are not particularly spectacular during the dry season. During the monsoon season however, the falls are transformed into one of the most powerful falls in India. Dudhsagar Falls is listed as India's 5th tallest waterfall,and is 227th in the world at 310 m.[1] The water plummets hundreds of feet in large volumes during the monsoon season, forming one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in Goa. It is a major part of the Goa ecosystem.This is a four tiered waterfall with a total height of 310 metres (1017 feet) and an average width of 30 metres (100 feet).

Baga Beach

Baga a seaside town in Bardez, Goa, India. It comes under the jurisdiction of Calangute, which is 2 km (1 mi) south. Baga is known for its popular beach, Baga Beach with it's brown sands, and creek, the Baga Creek. It is visited by thousands of tourists annually. Baga Beach is a popular beach and tourist destination in North Goa, located a few kilometers north from the famous and crowded Calangute beach. The beach contains rows of shacks and fishing boats, and at high tide the beach is narrow. The beach is named after the Baga Creek, which empties into the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach. Baga Beach is also famous for its water sports and Dolphin cruises.

Calangute Beach

Famous in the region as "Queen of the Beaches," calangute beach boasts through its presence in north-east from state capital Panaji at mere 15 kilometers. It is said that calangute beach goa remains largest one in the northern region. As stories go on, hippies had discovered this beach during the 60's so is it famous since then. Locals and tourists find here a true replica of Goan beach culture so its popularity is unbound indeed. Tourists from the Western countries find calangute beach an ultimate place to spend great time through splendid beach experience.
This beach offers an opportunity to enjoy great time with involvement in the water sport activities - surfing, water skiing and parasailing amongst others. Presence of Kerkar Art Complex here provides opportunity to see several art exhibitions which are usually organized in the summer seasons.

Candolim Beach

Fifteen kilometers from Panjim, the Goan capital, is Candolim beach in north Goa. Beginning at Fort Aguada and merging with Calangute beach towards the end, it is one of the longest beaches in the state and is located in the Bardez taluka. The beach in itself is very calm and peaceful, at times tourists come here from Rajneesh Ashram in Pune to take a break. What adds to the scenic beauty of the sand and sea are the scrub covered dunes at the back of the beach quite popular with tourists.
The main road that is the Candolim Calangute road is packed with shops and restaurants, but the beach front is rather free of any commercial activity apart from some water activities. Though the beach is close to bustling Calangute beach, life is rather laid back at Candolim. Even the village isn't very clustered, its quite spread out so there isn't any centre to it as such. The area around the beach can be termed as resort free as there aren't any resorts there. However, the beach has quite a number of inns at reasonable prices with good facilities.
Another interesting feature about the Candolim beach is the ship River Princess, which has been stuck at the shores of the beach since 2000.

Nightlife disco/ pubs etc

There are various pubs & discotheques spread all over the state of Goa, providing different themes. Nightclubs are located in all corners of Goa, and the atmosphere is totally relaxing. A countless number of people visit Goa every year to enjoy amazing delectable cuisine with local wine 'feni' at the Bars and Pubs located ashore beautiful beaches. Alot of Discotheques, Hotel Events, Bars and restaurants, Night Bazaars which are open throughout the night. As the sun goes down Goa Nightlife heats up. Prepare yourself for a great nightlife in goa! There are plenty to choose from. You can sit and listen to the sounds of live entertainment, or dance the night away at one of the hottest clubs. Regardless of your pleasure, you are sure to have the time of your life. Come explore the nightlife of Goa by visiting some of the popular Bars & Pubs in Goa. Sip some of your favorite drinks from an assortment of exotic beverages served at the Bars & Pubs in Goa. Rest assure of having a gala time with your beloved in the cool environment of the happening bars and pubs . From hot peppy dance numbers to an array of beverages, you will have it all in the Bars & Pubs in Goa. Get to know more about Bars & Pubs in Goa during Goa Tours.